Should We Have an Art Class Homework?

Homework is common to both government and public schools. Most teachers take to be a way of helping the learner internalize concepts learned in class during the day. There has been a heated debate on this aspect of issuing homework to learners, with some people claiming it is unnecessary.

Is art class homework enough? Most teachers will give art class assignments and add more tasks to learners as a way of helping them improve their performance.

Reasons why teachers give art class homework

  • Improves student’s responsibility and preparing them for the real world

Art class assignments and homework are essential to the learner. They help learners developed a sense of responsibility and preparing them for the real-world task. From the lessons, they learn time management and how to work independently without teacher supervision.

  • Trains learners to work independently and provides an extension to classroom experiences

Assignment for art class is essential in helping learners gain knowledge outside their classroom. They can relate the concepts learned in class in real life. Students can use the opportunity to refine their art skills and internalize ideas thought in class.

  • Allows the learner to research extensively

Art class assignments allow learners to research extensively on the subject under study. Lesson hours are limited and may not give learners enough time to study and apply their knowledge. Art class homework will expose learners to more challenging projects that require extensive research and reading. Leaners gain more skills and knowledge through the studies they do while working on their homework.

Reasons why dome people discourage art class homework

  • It dwells on grade and not skills

Most of the students receive from their teachers are tailored to help them pass their exams. They gain less real-life experience, which is more important than a good grade.

  • Degrades quality

Homework’s given to students outside school may reduce their quality rather than improving their skills. Artwork needs good facilities such as a studio, among others. Students may not have the facilities at home. The type of quality they produce without the right tool ends up compromising the work quality.

  • Time may not be enough

Students may not have enough time to do their assignments while at home. They move out of class exhausted and need time to refresh and have time with their friends and families. Issuing art class homework to students is a way of draining them more. As they arrive at home, there will be domestic chores that call for their attention and time. Assignments, therefore, may not be the best idea for students.

  • Burdens student’s families

Another reason why some teachers don’t issue art homework assignments to their students is the fear that it may burden families. Most of the resources students need for their art assignments may not be home and may be costly. Instead of issuing such tasks to learners, teachers may avoid them to prevent burdening of families.


There are several reasons for either issuing or not giving an assignment to students. You can analyze the situation and decide either to give or not.

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