Should We Have an Art Class Homework?

Homework is common to both government and public schools. Most teachers take to be a way of helping the learner internalize concepts learned in class during the day. There has been a heated debate on this aspect of issuing homework to learners, with some people claiming it is unnecessary. Is art class homework enough? Most […]

Common Mistakes for Art Students to Avoid

Most students join art classes thinking that it is all about fun. They enter the first art class thinking that they only need a paint and drawing board to make fun of. There is a lot you need to know more than a painting brush and a drawing board. Like other subjects, you need to […]

Assignment Sample on How to Understand Urban Art Forms

Transgressive art must turn out to be the most accepted form by many people. Urban art, on the other hand, has also emerged. But how do they differ from other forms such as graffiti or street art? Here are the tips on how to understand urban art to be able to distinguish them. These are: […]

The Need for Studying Art In High School

Why do we study art in high school? Most people will give reasons related to expanding your thinking, broadening your creativity, and practicing your talent. very few will take an art subject as a prerequisite for university entry, future career growth, and self-employment after study. Art study is as important as any other subject in […]