What does being a leader in Urban Arts Academy mean to me?

Judi LinderAs the Chair of the Urban Arts Board for a few years, it is very important to me that we (the Board) work to ensure the financial viability of Urban Arts and also address the needs of the neighborhood families served by Urban Arts Academy.

This means being actively supportive of the mission of the organization through providing support to the Executive Director, using whatever means we have to promote the program and secure funds to support the budget, learning about the community we serve, and volunteering on various committees.  I have particularly enjoyed being involved in the Program Committee which has included meetings with the whole Urban Arts staff.  I am always impressed by the staff’s creativity, energy, and concern for all the children in the programs.

Judi Linder
Chair, Urban Arts Academy Board

Board Members

Judi Linder—Board Chair
AFF: Crossroads Foundation

Deb Paulsrud—President
AFF: Crossroads Foundation

I love being on the Board of Urban Arts because I can use my talents and resources to support a quality organization that provides non-tradtitional arts programming to ALL neighborhood children with the belief that, through the arts, individual and community change is possible.

Terrie Thompson—Secretary
AFF: Thompson Consulting Group Inc

Serving on the board lets me contribute in my own way to let all these wonderful neighborhood children develop their love of the arts, and their sense of individual value; every time I see them it brings a smile to my face and I know I’m in the right place!

Terry Pressley—Treasurer
AFF: Foley/Mansfield

It’s the moment during the Annual Gala when I’m watching the video of the students and teachers and see the tenderness in the teacher’s interactions with the kids, the pride in the children’s eyes and the confidence in their voices that I know what I do as a Board Member is worthwhile and important.

Naarah Turner

AFF: Community Volunteer

I proudly serve as a board member for Urban Arts Academy because of the diversity of artists and mediums UAA exposes its students to is remarkable! Urban Arts allows students to explore diverse ways of expression and encourages them to have a broad perspective of interpretation.  

Felecia Boone
AFF: Hennepin County

I love that Urban Arts Academy provides a judgment free space for children to explore who they are and the innate talent they possess!

Bruce Arnevik
AFF: Interim Pastor, Calvary Lutheran Church

Brenda Lockwood

AFF: Community Volunteer

I started attending the UAA Gala event about six or seven years ago with a friend, who is a former UAA Board member. I was almost immediately rapt by the energy of this place, this organization. I have dedicated my professional life to helping parents and their children build healthy and strong bonds with one another and their community. Witnessing the creative opportunities available to children and families through UAA, and seeing the difference it makes in the lives of children, their family and community,  fills up my cup and gives me energy to keep moving forward every day. I am honored to be a member of the UAA Board, it is one small way I can help keep the energy moving.

Staff—Executive Director
Tamar Ghidalia, ext 215 Executive Director